A Single Meeting, A Lasting Memory

After the death of our mother in May 2012, Kim and I were in Camlachie, Ontario attending her memorial service at Christ Church, the local Anglican church.

During the reception, after the service, we met a number of Mum’s friends, including a fine British DSC_8908gentleman by the name of Tom Flint, who had walked a bit of a distance down the road to say goodbye to his friend Marie.  As Tom was getting on in years he was beginning to feel tired part way through the reception, and I overheard folks wondering who might be available to drive Tom home.  Kim and I immediately volunteered to do so, and looking back, I am so glad that we did.

You see, Tom died this week, and both of us were instantly very sad, and also, we felt blessed that we had experienced part of an afternoon with Tom back on June 8, 2012.

We drove Tom home and were given a tour of his beautiful yard, very well kept, a custom build shed,DSC_8906 DSC_8907and a wee pond complete with a running brook.  All done by Tom.  His house would remind one of any number of eclectic homes scattered across Great Britain, looking similar but each one distinct, having a few add-ons here and there.

During a fairly short time our discussions covered a vast number of topics as well as spanning the globe.  It was a time that Kim and I vividly remember and think fondly about.

Thank you Tom, for being our Mum’s friend, and for the memories you gave us that afternoon.

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