A Tale Of Two Quotes

More than likely most folks are familiar with the expression “three strikes and you’re out”.

A couple of months ago I posted a blog, A Lot On My Mind, and one of the things I mentioned is that I’m kind of a “square peg in a round hole” type of person.

Well, the two quotes above do have a connection.

During my lifetime, I have had many occasions where it was evident that I didn’t quite fit in. I learned, and mostly accepted, that it was, for the most part, due to my personality, my way of thinking of things. I am often “outside the box”, which is called creative thinking by many, however it is not something well accepted by others at times, and as well is not always the correct action or process.

For whatever the reason, there occurs occasions when I am not always fully included but rather may just be accepted (with reservations).

I recognize this, and bear no malice, understanding that quite often the second quote above applies.

Now we get to my version of the first quote.

Probably the same as many of you have, I will do things like offering an invitation for coffee or lunch, maybe asking for assistance or advice, suggesting a plan of action for a group or organization, you get the idea. If a response or action is not received, then most often I would make further attempt(s).

There was a time when I would try again, perhaps multiple times, however I realized that is really counterproductive, so on most occasions I have essentially limited my number of attempts to three. My thought process is that more just becomes an irritation that is not needed by either party. I have no doubt that most of you can recall a time being on the receiving end of such an occurrence.

You will notice that I do not provide any examples relating to what I have written above. That is because I am sharing my personal thoughts and do not wish to point a finger at anyone. Any life situation has multiple influences and the only ones I control are my own. Any others I try to recognize, adapt to, and deal with.

There may be those who say, what about this “Wee Internet Empire” thing I keep mentioning, considerably more than three times. In that case it is simply letting people know where the link is, should they be interested.

As always, thank you for reading. All comments or suggestions are welcome.

Until next time, be well.

Doing Nothing Sucks

It has been a month since I did a post, or much of anything else for that matter. Seems my mind has been in the “don’t do f@#k all mode”. Actually, it still kind of is.

This does tend to upset me, and I get pissed off with myself and it just makes it worse.

I want to do things, I want to work on my “Wee Internet Empire”, regardless of the fact that I figure that few are really interested in it. I keep thinking that I need to do it for myself, to keep my mind working and all that, whatever it is.

Even though I seldom have any contact with folks, other than Otis the Cat (he doesn’t say much) or my wife Kim (who works two jobs so is gone quite a bit), it would be nice to have the occasional feedback from whatever I post.

Now I’m not looking for sympathy (I know where it is in the dictionary), I’m just using this venue to express how I feel, similar to many other blogs I have read. Will it be therapeutic? Who knows, or cares.

Today my leg is particularly painful and that is likely a factor for this specific blog post as well. Kim and I got out on the bike today, to dim sum and then to see friends who are in Edmonton from the east coast for a few days. It was a good ride and a nice visit, felt good when we got home, but not now. I’m sure it will pass, as usual, however it is worse than I’ve had before. When my hip replacement will be is totally unknown as I have other leg issues complicating the situation. Eventually, they will pass, or maybe I will. Ah well, such is life.

Now, I’ve ranted on enough for this evening, got it off my chest so to speak, so now perhaps I’ll actually try to accomplish something with my so-called empire.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.