A Leap Forward In Time

Way back in early 2009 I created my first post to my first blog in WordPress, actually my first blog ever.  Now, close to six years later, I am posting my second time to this blog.  Certainly a leap forward in time.

Well, during this leap, I had created another blog in Blogger, with a number of posts, talking about our trip to Malaysia in the fall of 2013.  That blog started about halfway through our trip after some friends suggested that I blog about what we were doing, what we were seeing and to include some photos as well.  I thought this a reasonable idea so I began, and tried to play catch-up the rest of the time.  The truth be known, at this time, a year later, the blog is still not complete, however I will get it done.

I have just created another one on Blogger as we are off to Malaysia again early next year.  This time the aim will be to stay ahead of the game.

Now back to this blog.  As I have reached seniorhood (one of my “friends” recently posted on Facebook “Happy birthday to Canada’s newest cheque receiver”), it seems that I have become more reflective in some ways, as well as having many memories that I feel I should share before they are lost.  I am not being fatalistic, merely realistic (and quite forgetful at times).

The name of the blog, “Richard’s Ramblings”, is quite appropriate as my posts will range from events today, to things that happened anytime in the last sixty-five years, to even my thoughts about stuff occuring before then.

I don’t yet have a tremendous amount of expertise in blogging so I hope any readers will be patient, however I do hope that you will be entertained as well.

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