I’m Back?

It has been well over a year since I have even begun to create a new blog post.

I could likely be forgiven if I said that Covid has been the cause of this, however, in truth, I can only say it has been a contributing factor. There have been a number of other aspects, both mental and physical, that form the real rationale for my absence from my blog and the severe limitation of my participation in social media, or other online activities, as well.

These different aspects, which continue but will not be addressed, at least directly, in any of my dissertations, were certainly enhanced by Covid isolation. The ongoing love, support, and patience, of my wife Kim, is encouraging me to resume some of these online activities as I need to stimulate my mind and become more creative once again.

The knowledge that there are others who likely are going through stages in their lives which may bear some similarity to mine, is simply that, knowledge. It neither lessens, or heightens, the effects of anyone’s situation. When I see an individual moving past a dilemma, small or large, it gives me encouragement. There is a chance that, by moving forward myself, I may provide some form of encouragement to others. Regardless, it is something which I must do.

Hence the title of this blog post. I’m trying to be back and time will tell. I very much appreciate the support and good words I have received from a variety of different people.