Two weeks into our trip I received encouragement to create a blog as I had been posting frequently to Facebook and friends were enjoying reading and following our trip.

In order to do this in the “proper” way (I think), I will include some posts to kind of get caught up to the present time.  I will do this by referring to my Facebook posts and adding memories and feelings resulting from those activities.

I warn all in advance, there will be a considerable amount of reference to food, mainly because it is so varied, and so delicious, across this country.  I have been accused (in jest) of eating my way across Malaysia.  This is not entirely inaccurate, however I am actually eating less than I did in Canada, but more often.  So instead of having one big meal at the end of the day along with chips and other snacks, we are having three to four small meals spaced throughout our day.  That, combined with much walking, has caused me to lose some weight.  How much, I don’t know, but the belt needs to be tightened a notch or two to keep my shorts on.

Soon I will begin, with our departure from Canada.

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