Easter Weekend Passes

This past three days have gone at a steady pace and have been, for a change, quite satisfying. Friday was a day to relax, work on a couple of projects and have a nice BBQ dinner with my wife, Kim.

Saturday, some more work was done around home, time was spend learning more about Web 2.0, and then off to dinner. Dinner was a fine event with daughter Anita, her beau Aaron, wife Kim and co-worker Marcia. Also with us was Marcia’s husband John and daughter Kerry. We dined at Bangkok Restaurant, a regular place for our family but brand new for Marcia’s family. It was a great time of good food and relaxing conversation.

Sunday was sleep in, have a light brekky and then work on the car. It is a lot easier to do some minor adjustments when the temperature is above 0C. Then off for a drive, a nice lunch at Route 99 and down for some quality time at Hawrelak Park with Kim and my camera. A nice evening together at home and the weekend is done. Best one in quite a while.

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