A Wondering Day!

Today I am wondering.

I wonder what am I accomplishing, what have I achieved, since I’ve started out on my “Wee Internet Empire” journey last year. Is it worthwhile, even for just me. These are questions I am having difficulty answering.

Do people actually read my blog posts, or just notice that I did another one, or simply pass them by. The same for my podcasts, newsletters, photos, videos and so on. I know that a few do, others I can’t tell. Who knows, and really, how important is it anyway.

Today I am wondering.

Wondering what the future holds, in this endeavour, as well as a number of aspects of life in general which have been occurring. It has often been said, very accurately, that we live in interesting times.

Today I am wondering.

It is indeed… A Wondering Day!

2 thoughts on “A Wondering Day!

  1. There you go a wondering, which is very similar to wandering – just with your mind.

    I have been struggling as well, and motivation is a challenge. I think I need to figure out what content people want to hear from me.

  2. Thank you for your wondering thoughts and posts Richard. Most people with their busy busy lives take very little time to do any meaningful self reflection. Most of us are “good people” but it is easy to be swayed by the negative parts of our news and social media. In recent days my mind has been drawn to thinking of the continuous efforts of Mr. Rogers (not me) to bring out the good in people. I see it with parents who make huge efforts to spend quality time wit their kids; with staff in a store who make the extra effort to make the shopping experience pleasureful; or of course, Kiwanians who participating in making our society a better place.
    So, keep it up Richard.

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