Arrival In Asia

First stop outside of Canada on our trip was Hong Kong, where we would connect with our flight to Kuala Lumpur.

As we deplaned it was only the second time that I had set foot outside of Canada or the United States going to a foreign destination.  The first was in 2011 when I went to Geneva, Switzerland for a Kiwanis International convention.  After leaving the plane we followed the instructions and found that we had to leave the secure area so that we could go through security again to make our connection.  Not exactly sure how that works, however it does benefit the beverage industry as we had to divest ourselves of any bottles prior to re-entry.

After re-entry we then checked where we should go for our connection and discovered there was a considerable distance from where we were located to our departure gate.  Thankfully, a Cathay Pacific golf cart driver picked us up, along with an elderly Chinese lady travelling to Viet Nam, and drove us, seemingly forever, to our gate.   As our connecting flight was only two hours after arrival it would have been a grueling trek on foot methinks.

As it was quite early in the morning there were few stores open in the airport, which for the most part was good as buying things at the beginning of an adventure is something to be avoided.  There was, however, a Chinese restaurant open and we were able to have a light dim sum as we waited.

Soon it was time to board and we settled into our seats for the 4 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur.  Once again, we were flying Cathay Pacific, and they did not disappoint.

Next we touch down in Malaysia.

One thought on “Arrival In Asia

  1. I absolutely loved the Hong Kong airport when I was there in 2001 and Cathay Pacific is probably the best airline I've ever flown. You lucky duck!

    – Andrea L.

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