The Time Has Arrived

As we are sitting here in the Edmonton airport awaiting the start of the first leg of our journey I reflect on the past few days.  There was a point earlier in the week when the spectre of having to cancel the trip raised its ugly head.  It seems that I was suffering from a nasty pain in my abdominal area, well it seemed nasty to me, because I didn’t like it one bit.  Kim was worried and instructed me to proceed to emergency to have it checked out.  Something about being an old guy I guess.
Well, luckily it turned out to be only a bit of a pulled muscle, however having told the doctor that we were planning to travel in a couple of days, he put me thru a couple of extra tests just to make sure.  Although the whole episode took a good few hours, we really appreciated the work done by all the hospital staff, especially considering the volume of people they were dealing with.  So, bottom line, we were good to go.
Now, if have to share with you, one of our reasons for going to Malaysia is to see family.  As you likely know, Kim is from there, and she has two daughters and seven grandchildren we will be visiting, not to mention her sister and a number of nieces and nephews.  So you can probably imagine, we are bringing the odd gift or two.  Kim had been packing for weeks, and because brother Richard is traveling with us, managed to pretty much fill six checked baggage, leaving a small amount of space for our clothes and such.  So… prior to leaving for the airport there was much weighing of bags (only 50 pounds you know), and then marking the bags so that they stand out from a thousand other bags, and finally strapping them so they wouldn’t burst apart when loaded on the plane.  I told Kim that if she wanted to take any more we would need a bigger plane.
Son-in-law Aaron transported us to the airport in our van, check-in and security were smooth, and although the plane was an hour late, it is less than half full so the ride is good.  Yes, you are correct in assuming that this post is being completed on the way to Vancouver.  I will send it off when on the ground and catch up with you later on.

About Richard Le Sueur

In the past I never considered that I lead an overly interesting life, however I have since learned that "interesting" is very subjective and has a variety of concepts. I have not been much of a dare-devil or thrill-seeker but I have done things and been places that many others have not. It seems that there are those who enjoy my recollecting of these occasions, and that is one of the reasons for this blog. Another reason is to share some of my thoughts because generally, sharing is good. I had a career in Canada's military, have worked for various charities and non profits, had several businesses and now work on a casual basis at a local Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment. I have lived in Canada literally coast to coast to coast and yet seem to have merely touched the surface of what our country has to offer. I have two wonderful children, and through marriage, have gained two more along with seven grandchildren. I love people and yet spend an inordinate time by myself. I am not shy about saying that I like/respect/admire someone, may offer criticisms of those I don't, but I refuse to badmouth or speak in a derogatory form about anyone. Some of what I say may be thoughtful, some witty, some perhaps silly. Whatever it is, it is all from me. I welcome any who wish to follow me, and I welcome any comments, as long as they are not rude or vulgar, in which case they will be deleted.
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