Easter Weekend Passes

This past three days have gone at a steady pace and have been, for a change, quite satisfying. Friday was a day to relax, work on a couple of projects and have a nice BBQ dinner with my wife, Kim.

Saturday, some more work was done around home, time was spend learning more about Web 2.0, and then off to dinner. Dinner was a fine event with daughter Anita, her beau Aaron, wife Kim and co-worker Marcia. Also with us was Marcia’s husband John and daughter Kerry. We dined at Bangkok Restaurant, a regular place for our family but brand new for Marcia’s family. It was a great time of good food and relaxing conversation.

Sunday was sleep in, have a light brekky and then work on the car. It is a lot easier to do some minor adjustments when the temperature is above 0C. Then off for a drive, a nice lunch at Route 99 and down for some quality time at Hawrelak Park with Kim and my camera. A nice evening together at home and the weekend is done. Best one in quite a while.

About Richard Le Sueur

In the past I never considered that I lead an overly interesting life, however I have since learned that "interesting" is very subjective and has a variety of concepts. I have not been much of a dare-devil or thrill-seeker but I have done things and been places that many others have not. It seems that there are those who enjoy my recollecting of these occasions, and that is one of the reasons for this blog. Another reason is to share some of my thoughts because generally, sharing is good. I had a career in Canada's military, have worked for various charities and non profits, had several businesses and now work on a casual basis at a local Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment. I have lived in Canada literally coast to coast to coast and yet seem to have merely touched the surface of what our country has to offer. I have two wonderful children, and through marriage, have gained two more along with seven grandchildren. I love people and yet spend an inordinate time by myself. I am not shy about saying that I like/respect/admire someone, may offer criticisms of those I don't, but I refuse to badmouth or speak in a derogatory form about anyone. Some of what I say may be thoughtful, some witty, some perhaps silly. Whatever it is, it is all from me. I welcome any who wish to follow me, and I welcome any comments, as long as they are not rude or vulgar, in which case they will be deleted.
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